Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greetings From Week 5

I found this picture on the bump.com and thought it would be a good idea to do a weekly update on my progress.

I was feeling great this weekend, like I wasn't even pregnant...then it hit me yesterday (Monday)!! Have you ever had really bad gas and knew that as soon as you farted the pressure in your stomach would go away? Well that's what I have felt like for 2 days...but the farting part doesn't work! Also, I have been having a hard time stomaching the thought of eating...I actually have to talk myself into eating because the thought of any food makes me sick to my stomach. What happened to the fat kid that lives inside of me? I love food and want it back!!

How far along? 5 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: lost 4 lbs since last Friday

Maternity clothes? Nope, I have heard I am a long way from maternity clothes...but thanks to Miss Sue I have some maternity tops just in case.
Sleep: I have not slept very well lately. Apparently none of the pillows that I have enjoyed for the past 3 years are good enough for pregnant Sharon...I need a slew of new pillows, all shapes and sizes!
Best moment this week: Laying in bed watching the new bedroom TV last night
Movement: Of course not
Food cravings: Not craving anything, actually everything gives me the heebie jeebies right now. The only time I am hungry is at 4:00am after my middle of the night pee session. I'm not talking about just kind of hungry, I'm talking stomach growling starving...wtf?
Labor Signs: Ummm, no!
Belly Button in or out? Still in
What I miss: I want a Corona!
What I am looking forward to: First Dr. appointment and sonogram on Thursday!!
Weekly Wisdom: Be careful what you internet at work. People will begin to ask questions if you are looking at strollers on Babies 'R' Us.
Milestones: Not that this is a good milestone but I felt for the first time that I may vomit at any moment...not a good sign for things to come.

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