Friday, August 21, 2009

I've Picked My Bedding...Kind of

I found a website, that allows you to custom design your own baby bedding and they have the exact fabric that I want! I've included a picture of the two sets that I created (I will not be getting the bumper though) Which one do you like better, thick stripes or thin stripes?!
I have registered for the matching changing pad cover and will also be buying some additional matching fabric from this site to make some curtains! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It's gonna look so good with the black crib!


  1. I like the thick stripes a LOT better, I think they will look better with the black crib, too. I think with the thin stripes the black takes too much away from the white color. but i LOVE the style, the black & white & stripes & dots!

  2. Karen, Jennifer, Kathy and I all vote for the wide stripes! Great choice of bedding. Tho we're wondering what the shade of blue is, if it isn't the really cute mobile?
    (We're all here in NC for the week)