Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You to Someone

I'm not sure who it's from (I have a guess but don't want to make that person feel bad if it's not from them) but I wanted to thank whoever got me this awesome (and comfy)'s adorable!

You may notice that I look like crap in this picture, there are multiple reasons why but the main one being that I woke up at 4 am this morning parched, sore throat, dried up lips, a major migraine, heartburn and heart palpitations...needless to say, I couldn't fall back to sleep so I propped myself up with a pillow and checked my email on my laptop. When I finally decided to actually sit up to get out of bed...GUSH! A big fat nose bleed! Luckily, I remembered what they felt like from when I was a child (I seem to remember getting them often and ruining many pillows) and was able to catch most of it in my hand and get my head tilted back...but not before I got some all over my brand new white pajamas :(
So, it bled and bled and bled. Tim had jumped out of bed as soon as I screamed that my nose was bleeding and got me tissue and sat with me until it went away.
Apparently, all the other little nuances of being pregnant weren't enough...the baby had to make my nose start bleeding too!
Since I haven't had a non-trauma inflicted nosebleed since I was about 9, I, as any normal person would do, thought I had a brain tumor and called Hilles, my Midwife. She, of course, told me it was normal and blamed it on the high volume of blood circulating throughout my body and the fact that I was probably dried out from being dehydrated and from the air conditioning. She recommended I shove Vaseline up my nose before bed and continue to try to drink lots of water...and that's what I'm getting ready to do! Goodnight!


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