Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Can't Walk

We got a surprise view of Baby Murphy yesterday...
I was walking into a store and went to step up onto the curb and mis-stepped (because the curb was about 6 inches higher in the spot that I was stepping up than it was anywhere else) and tripped! I tried to catch myself and almost did but after about 3 or 4 stumbles I fell to my hands and knees (it didn't hurt but I was so embarrassed!) because my center of gravity is just so off with this big ole belly! I got up and dusted myself off and proceeded to call my Midwife who told me that I needed to go to the hospital to be monitored and checked out to make sure the placenta hadn't detached from the uterus. So, I went home and picked up Tim and to the hospital we went!
They monitored the baby's heartbeat and made sure I wasn't having any contractions for a few hours (did I mention that they had me laying pretty much flat on my back which caused me to almost pass out? That was scary) then came in and looked at the placenta via ultrasound...we got to see the baby for a split second during the ultrasound (unfortunately the Doctors were strictly business so we didn't get to see his face or get any pictures to take home) and they said everything looked good so they sent us home.
I'm not very good at walking as it is but now I know I have to be extra careful...I trip like that ALL THE TIME! The difference is that now I have about 10 extra lbs extending from my stomach that makes me top heavy and not able to catch myself. Maybe I should just stop going out of the house?

Here are a few pics of me that Tim took yesterday...I have just developed some lovely chipmunk cheeks that apparently are "cute"...I think otherwise.

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