Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Letter to Family and Friends

Hey Everyone,

I got some bad news today from Sinai hospital. 

Thanks to H1N1 the hospital will only be allowing 3 visitors per mom and baby and those visitors must be the same people throughout the entire time we are there delivering and recovering.

What this means-  The new rule counts Dad as a "visitor" so since Tim will be with me the entire time only 2 visitors will be allowed in to see us.  The limit of 3 also counts my Doula as a "visitor" so if I decide to use a Doula (which I most likely will) she will be visitor #2 which leaves only 1 visitor allowed to see us before, during and after Baby Murphy's birth...I can't even begin to think how Tim and I would make that decision because it wouldn't be fair for anyone. 

So, most likely (unless the hospital changes their rules) everyone will have to wait to see Baby Murphy until he comes home. 

I can't even explain how upset I am about this (I'm sitting at my desk crying as I'm typing this)...I've always looked forward to my family and friends coming to the hospital to meet the baby for the first time on the day he is born, now, unless for some amazing reason they let us leave the hospital the same day I deliver, Tim and I will be the only ones celebrating Baby Murphy's Birth Day with him :(


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  1. This is awful, Sharon! I'm so sorry that you can't celebrate with family and friends like it SHOULD be! I hope things work out so you can go home quickly and show the little guy to the world...and show the world to the little guy, which, I imagine, will be much more exciting. It's coming fast, and I can't wait to see pictures!