Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fetal Heartbeat Doppler

I caved in and bought a very nice hearbeat monitor. They sell all sorts of monitors from ones that cost $25 to $500! I went in the middle and did a ton of research and ended up buying this monitor! I have read that a lot of women were able to find the baby's heartbeat around 9 or 10 weeks with this monitor...and so did I!!!!!
I was so excited when I got home yesterday to find the heartbeat and figured I'd have no problem...I was wrong! I searched and searched to no avail...I was only able to find my own heartbeat all the way down on my lower right abdomen. I knew it was mine cause it was very slow and sounded like swooshing (which I think was actually my blood pumping through my organs). The baby's heartbeat was supposed to be super fast and sound like horses galloping.

Everywhere I read mentioned that you would know the baby's heartbeat when you heard it. After about 30 mins of searching, I began to get nervous and gave up to do some research online for "baby searching" tips. After reading online, I decided to go up to bed by myself and try to focus and concentrate on finding it on my own (without the TV blaring and Bella panting).

I got into position in bed, squeezed a ton of "goo" to help the "probe" slide around easier onto my belly and got to work. I went very very slow, moving the probe around in all directions before moving to a different spot....and finally after about 10 mins of heavy concentration I heard the faintest galloping sound of Baby Murphy's heart! I called Tim and we listened to it for about 5 mins in awe.
Hearing the heartbeat, to me, was way more assuring and exciting than seeing the ultrasound pictures. I know the baby is alive...inside of me...with a beating heart!
I am so glad I purchased the doppler, I think it's a great investment and know that if I am ever feeling unsure if there is still a baby in there, I can just pull it out of my drawer next to the bed and give a listen.
If you're lucky, maybe we'll let you hear the heartbeat sometime soon too!


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