Tuesday, July 21, 2009

17 Week Update

August 4th is the day when I will finally find out what kind of person is growing inside of me and I can't wait! It is very frustrating knowing that I could get a sonogram today and they could probably tell me what it is but I have to wait...I am not a patient person!!!!

How far along? 17 Weeks 4 Days
Total weight gain/loss: I am not sure but I go to the doctor next week, I think about 10lbs though probably partially due to our vacation last week
Maternity clothes? Absolutely! I am loving Gap Maternity these days...ebay is still the best bargain around though
Sleep: It's gotten more difficult to sleep comfortably these days, I really need to find $60 so I can get the 'Snoogle' pregnancy pillow
Best moment this week: I've been feeling the baby move since last Monday and it's great! I can usually get him to move if (A) I turn up 'Caliente' the salsa station on XM Radio or (B) Do a lot of running around then lay down really fast
Movement: Most def!
Food cravings: none really except I really really want an oreo cookie ice cream sandwhich
Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out? Still an innie but it is a gigantic hole! I had a little scab inside my belly button that has bothered me since I was 18 when I had surgery that cut a little hole in my belly button...the scab never quite healed and fell out. I have tried everything to get it out but it was stuck in there due to all the wrinkles in my belly button...my bb finally stretched enough that there are no wrinkles in it and I was able to remove the scab that has haunted me for 11 years!! Gross, I know but also so happy to have it gone!
What I miss: Went to the beach last week and Seacrets was not very much fun when I couldn't drink "Pain-in-de-Asses"
What I am looking forward to: August 4!
Weekly Wisdom: I am not fat, I am pregnant...I need to get the "I'm fat" mindset out of my head
Milestones: Baby moving!!

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  1. well, only one more day until you find out.....