Monday, October 26, 2009

"Poor Baby!"

This is what I hear every time I tell someone when Baby Murphy is due..."Oh, that poor child! My [sister, brother, mom, dad, daughter, self] was born around/on Christmas and hates it!"

While I know that it isn't our fault that he is going to be born around Christmas, I still feel terrible for him (even though he's not even here yet) because I know how important my Birthday is to me as my special day...all I hear about are the horror stories from people getting jipped when it comes to Birthday/Christmas presents....and yes, for me as a child coming from a very not religious family, Christmas was all about getting presents!

Tim and I have tried to come up with ways to make the Baby's Birthday separate from Christmas on our own and by asking people whose birthdays fall toward the end of December. We know that we can't control what others do as far as making the two celebrations separate but here are some things that Tim and I have come up with and are thinking of doing to make it easier on him (and to not despise us for giving him such an unfortunate birthday):

1. Birthday presents wrapped in Birthday paper, Christmas presents wrapped in Christmas paper

2. Celebrating his birthday in the summer (on his half birthday) so he can have a party that his friends will be able to attend

3. Separate presents for separate Holidays. No combined Birthday and Christmas gifts in one

4. If he is born after Christmas but still within the Christmas season, attempting to take down all Christmas decorations by the time his Birthday comes (not sure we like this one)

5. Family Birthday celebrations not held on the same day that we celebrate Christmas with our families

Any other suggestions??


  1. i totally understand about it not being the best birthday for a kid growing up, but i gotta say, i can't think of a better way than to spend Christmas day than with my brand new grandson and my family.

  2. Indeed Mom! I hope he is here in time for you to spend Christmas day with him!!