Friday, November 6, 2009

Operation Empty Freezer

Over the past few months I have been trying to empty our freezer to leave room so that I can prepare dinners and other meals for when BM gets here...I haven't done a very good job because each time I make dinner I have a ton of leftovers but we are slowly making our way through them!  I think I should have a lot of the freezer cleared out for me to begin making freezer meals, unfortunately I don't know what to is my request of you: 

Please post your favorite freezer meal recipe so that I can stock our freezer full of yummy (and somewhat healthy) meals for when Baby Murphy gets here.




  1. Hamburger Helper

  2. 1) home-made chicken noodle soup, add potatoes & noodles when ready to serve.
    2) seafood gumbo, add shrimp, crab, & rice when ready to serve.
    3) spaghetti, add pasta when ready to serve
    4) turkey from Thanksgiving, add bread, mayonaise & lettuce when ready to serve.
    All of these are fairly easy to fix and freeze well.

  3. Chicken Enchiladas!

    Mix: cooked/chopped chicken, low fat sour cream, onions, chopped chilis, cheese, S&P, 1/4c. Old El Paso Enchilada sauce.

    Roll in flour or corn tortillas, line up closely in baking dish, pour on enchilada sauce to cover (don't leave any uncovered or it'll burn), top with cheese, cook at 350 until bubbly. :)

    Freezes well. You can buy these plastic baking dishes that have tight-fitting lids and go in the oven (just make sure there's a cookie sheet underneath).